Sustainability is reaching every area, A sustainable event is one that considers the negative impact on the environment where it takes place and tries to minimize it to the lowest possible level in order to produce the lowest environmental impact in the event’s surroundings. Welkin Events one of the best sustainable events organizers in Dubai is here to assist you in navigating sustainable events, whether face-to-face, virtual, or both. We are assisting organizations in producing events that produce targeted business results Welkin Events is a great event partner who can help you achieve your event goals. We are dedicated to transforming your event vision into an unforgettable, sustainable experience as the best sustainable event organizers in Dubai. Let us give you some tips about organizing a sustainable event.

Create a Sustainable Event

People are becoming more aware of how their lifestyle choices affect the environment, and they expect organizations to up their sustainability game as well. Sustainability became an important event trend several years ago, but it wasn’t until the pandemic and rapid advancement of event technology that it really took off. Organizations can now make their conferences and events more environmentally friendly in a variety of ways. Now, let’s look at the best ways to make your events more eco-sustainable.

Virtual Events

Going completely virtual is the best thing sustainable event organizers in Dubai like welkin do to dedicate themselves to the sustainable event trend. Virtual events have a significantly lower environmental impact than in-person events because they do not require travel, lodging, COVID-compliant measures, or catering services.

If you’ve decided to go virtual for environmental reasons, inform your online audience. Thank them for their participation in your sustainability mission. Make some calculations and share information about your event’s reduced environmental impact to generate more interest in going green.

Hybrid Events

Producing a hybrid event is the second-best solution for supporting the sustainability event trend. A significant portion of your in-person audience may migrate online or to a less-traveled venue. Remember that simply adding a virtual audience to your in-person audience will not increase the sustainability of your event. The greater the number of attendees, the greater the environmental impact. Consider hosting your hybrid experience in a studio or a number of regional or local hubs.

Go for a Venue with Green Credentials

The venue is one of the most important factors that can decide whether your event will be sustainable or not. There are still many ways to make in-person events more sustainable. Make sure that your venue complies with sustainability standards, such as having recycling centers and sorting stations, filtered water stations, and energy-saving appliances. Many venues are taking on the responsibility of being environmentally friendly. By installing solar panels, you can use nearby restaurants, provide eco-friendly lodging, and use renewable sources, LED lights, and other lower-efficiency systems to meet your production needs. 

Reduce Food Waste

There are numerous options for environmentally friendly cutlery packs, biodegradable coffee cups, and other sustainable food condiments on the horizon. Keep packaging to a minimum and seek out locally sourced foods and beverages. Prepare for special dietary needs to avoid waste, and try to provide vegetarian meals to reduce CO2 emissions.

Reduce the Transportation Footprints

Seek out environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as bikes, hybrid taxis, cars, and buses, and encourage ride-sharing wherever possible. Choose a location where most people will not need to travel alone in a car and make sure public transportation is easily accessible. Finally, consider offering the option of virtually attending your event.

Go Paperless

Paper can be one of the most significant sources of waste both before and during an event. Digital document-signing tools and apps can allow important paperwork to be reviewed and signed without the need for a printed form. Welkin sustainable event organizers in Dubai are also thinking about expanding their paper-reduction efforts by encouraging attendees to access information and programs online. Creating a Sustainable event will be very much

Reduce The Use of Energy And Water

Choose a venue that monitors energy consumption with smart energy consumption. When looking for a venue, key-operated rooms with lights that turn on only when needed, as well as smart digital thermostats, should be at the top of your list. Small wins like recycled toilet paper and eco-friendly toilets should also be on your list; this reduces overall water consumption.

Digital Swag

Instead of cheap goodie bag stuffers like pamphlets, pens, or keychains, direct guests to a virtual bag via your event app. Provide your attendees with discount codes, e-tickets, or downloadable freebies, none of which require printing and are more beneficial to your attendees.

Waste Management

This may seem self-evident, but are you aware of all the different ways your event can reduce waste production? It’s not just about getting rid of single-use plastics and non-recyclable items. Take advantage of opportunities to:


  • Reusing items such as signs, wristbands, nametags, and plates/cutlery.
  • Recycle in ways other than the recycling bin. From napkins to swag bags and beyond, nearly every physical component of your event can be replaced with a recycled-materials version.
  • Composting begins with selecting a location that has a composting program or can accommodate compost bins.

Final Thought

Finally, inform everyone about the various steps you’ve taken to ensure your event is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Educate your team and attendees on how they can help you achieve your green goals, such as where the waste bins are, how to segregate waste, and what digital alternatives they can use in place of paper. This is critical because your sustainability goals will never be realized without the help of your attendees and team. Also, if you want to go above and beyond, you should consider making your event socially sustainable.

Benefits of Sustainable Event Planning

Going green with your event not only results in a cleaner, less polluted planet but also benefits your brand and event in a variety of other ways. Here are a few advantages of planning a sustainable event

Spreads The Message

Spread the word Hosting a sustainable event is an excellent way to spread the word about environmental awareness. Inform your attendees about the organization of your event, the actions you took to protect the environment, and how others can do the same.  Welkin events Sustainable event organizers in Dubai can assist you in disseminating this information to attendees and vendors, as well as providing instructions on how to be environmentally friendly at the event.

Attracts a Larger Audience

Many people, particularly those in the millennial generation, are more willing to attend eco-friendly events. A sustainable event will earn you a lot of points with these people who have been at the forefront of the global “go green” movement.

Raises Awareness About Climate Change

The majority of people nowadays are concerned about the climate crisis. However, many people have not taken action because they believe that saving the planet is not their responsibility. What kind of impact can one person have? You might be surprised at how much a small change can affect the perception of many people. Organizations that host sustainable events have the ability to demonstrate to people that it is not only possible but also economically beneficial.

People Prefer Environmentally Sustainable Events

Most people would prefer eco-friendly products to traditional alternatives. Whether your event’s target audience is businesses, families, students, or employees, hosting environmentally sustainable events means that visitors can learn about new companies, participate in workshops, sample food and drinks, and accept promotional items without negatively impacting the environment.


People who adopt a more environmentally conscious mindset never return. your  Events can have the opportunity to set a good example and be the inspiration that a company or individual requires; one person will inspire another. Your  Event has the ability to inspire everyone!

How Welkin Events is the Best Sustainable Event Organizers in Dubai

Welkin Events is a sustainable event organizer in Dubai helping organizations produce events to deliver targeted business results. Sustainable event management is not easy, but it is doable! Welkin Events is a great event partner who can help you achieve your event goals. We are dedicated to transforming your event vision into an unforgettable, long-lasting experience. Let us give you a glance at our services.

Face to Face Events

Welkin Events works seamlessly to make your event a memorable experience for both participants and sponsors. Whether you need a single service, assistance in a few areas, or a full meeting management package, we bring to your event what few others can: confidence and a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Virtual Events

Welkin events are ideal for bolstering your efforts. Our team strives to produce events in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner possible. We know what works and what doesn’t base on past experience. Welkin will walk you through the process of creating a virtual event step by step and provide a seamless transition for the host organization to making the switch from in-person meetings.

Sustainability Consulting

When they give back and reduce their environmental impacts, sustainable events can enhance the brand, build reputation, and demonstrate citizenship as the face of your organization. Our event sustainability services will assist you in doing so while also reducing waste and costs. You can also check out our multiple digital solutions in the welkin marketing page.


Planning environmentally friendly meetings will not only help to preserve the environment but will also inspire guests to take a more sustainable approach in their daily lives. The more we can do as a group, the better. Contact us at  +971 58 110 3943 to learn more about how our welkin event, a sustainable event organizer in Dubai can help you achieve your goals.

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