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You can create a successful conference by taking corporate event planning trends into account. Attendees will be drawn to your event based on their previous experiences. As a result, you should consider the most popular event types and topics. Before they can spend corporate money on tickets or participate as an organization representative, potential attendees for corporate events must be approved. Your event must provide attendees with real value and knowledge that they can share with their coworkers. 

Welkin event planners in Dubai are all about putting our tried and tested event management abilities and expertise to work to plan, design, and execute events of all sizes – from the smallest meetings to the largest conferences and everything in between, the team at welkin is here to help. As the leading event planners in Dubai, you can be confident that we will handle all aspects of event planning and organization for you. We will handle everything for you, from budgeting to scheduling, acquiring required permits, site selection, arranging entertainers and speakers, coordinating transportation and parking, making security arrangements for the event, designing and implementing emergency plans, and arranging décor and catering.

Select an Event Format that is Appropriate for Your Attendees

Meeting and event trends indicate that formatting will play a significant role in corporate events. Despite the slow return of in-person events, many virtual and hybrid trends have proven to be durable. Whatever event format you choose, keep in mind your target audience and what they are most interested in.

Virtual and Hybrid Events Continue to Reach a Large Audience

Because of limitations, virtual events have grown in popularity, but many creators have discovered that online events can reach a much larger audience than traditional in-person events. A virtual event held by event planners in Dubai is entirely online, whereas a hybrid event includes both an in-person and a hybrid component. Because of the way they accommodate attendees who are comfortable with in-person events and those who are not, hybrid events have emerged as a trend in meetings and events.


If your event’s speakers, panels, or performances can be streamed live by the audience. It’s a good idea, Speakers at Your Corporate Events, to include Video as a Security for future Marketing tools, and perhaps already the Technology to Broadcast Your Corporate Event Requirement. If you need assistance organizing your Virtual Event or the Virtual Component of Their Hybrid Manifestation, contact Welkin Events, a leading event planner in Dubai.

Growing Demand for Eco-friendly, Sustainable Events.

Merchandisers, vendors, and suppliers all over the world are committing to more sustainable business practices and eco-friendly events. We’re seeing a lot of support for a long-term shift in the events industry as well.

People Come Together at Live Events

In-person events are ideal for people who have long wanted to get together. Make sure your venue is large enough to accommodate any social distancing requirements. Check to see if there are any safety regulations or restrictions in place. To make your guests feel safe, provide hand sanitiser and check their vaccination status at the door.

A Micro Event Keeps it Small and Personal

A series of micro-events can be a more cost-effective alternative to a corporate conference. Smaller events are becoming more popular in the events industry as a result of restrictions. However, there are some advantages to hosting such events. Micro-events with a single speaker enable attendees to interact directly with the speaker, which is not possible at large events. Micro-events are more interactive and promote more debate. This event is ideal for team-building activities and workshops.

Attractive Themes for Attendees

Choosing a theme that appeals to your target audience will make it easier to sell tickets to your corporate event. Trending conference themes are influenced not only by current events and other factors but also by social issues that people are interested in. Think about which theme will be most appealing to your attendees.

Testing on-site

On-site lab tests are one way to provide attendees with peace of mind. This is especially important for on-site personnel and event personnel. If you intend to provide on-site testing for attendees, you will also need to plan ahead of time. Some questions must be addressed. Where will the booths for rapid antigen testing be located? How will it be structured?

Choosing which Technology to Use

A communications strategy that incorporates digital technology is required for any conference to run smoothly. Consider the following:

  • Is an event app required?
  • Would our delegates feel comfortable accessing information through this app?
  • Are we distributing pre-event surveys?
  • How will we inform delegates about each speaker’s time slot?
  • Will our delegates prefer e-tickets over paper passes?
  • Will our delegates use this technology, and how will it improve their experience?
  • Don’t fall into the trap of ‘wowing’ your delegates with every new technology available – if it doesn’t add value to the theme or event experience, save it for another time. As the saying goes, the simpler the better.

Planning your conference with these obstacles in mind will help you avoid pitfalls or disasters on the big day. Contact our welkin events leading event planners in Dubai to get an in-depth guide on how to organize a conference for some ideas on how to create a memorable experience.


Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Recent events have heightened fears about corporate diversity. Many individuals and organizations are now considering how to foster respect and safe working environments. Organize an event to bring together diversity and inclusion professionals, HR professionals, and others interested in healthy corporate cultures.

Using Technology and Amenities to Entice Visitors

Your attendees will expect certain things regardless of the theme or format of your event. This will have a significant impact on how they perceive it. You don’t have to be concerned about the planning and amenities to provide your attendees at your event because welkin event planners in Dubai are here to assist you in providing them with the best experience possible.

Communication Abilities

Events are an excellent way to meet new people. If you host an online event, make sure the platform includes a chat function that allows participants to interact and discuss the event. Consider developing an app that allows them to connect both during and after the event.

Check-in Without Making Contact

Contactless check-in simplifies and secures check-in. You can send attendees an email that includes a QR code or barcode that they can scan with their smartphones. This eliminates the need for a will-call service, as well as the need for anyone to keep track of physical tickets.


Plan ahead of time to ensure that everyone who attends your event leaves with a positive impression. Captions for live streams and appropriate interpretations can be provided for those who are unable to attend in person. Make certain that all attendees have access to the in-person venues you select. Attendees may choose not to attend your events if they find them difficult to understand or navigate.

Reemphasized Physical And Virtual Safety

The topic of safety will continue to be prominent in every industry, including the event sector, over the next year. Most event planners in Dubai, such as Welkin, will state that proof of COVID vaccination is required to attend an event they are planning.

In the coming year, expect to see more pre-screening requirements, socially-distanced layouts, protective personal equipment, specialized cleaning crews, and advanced air-filtration systems at events.

Are you Prepared to Organize Your Next Conference?

It is difficult to market corporate events. To stand out and attract people, you must consider your audience’s needs and desires. Conferences are adjusting to the changes brought about by the pandemic. Many of the trends discussed in this guide have been influenced by industry changes. They do, however, indicate where the industry is heading. 


Event technology will almost certainly continue to proliferate in 2022 and beyond.

And, whether they take place online, offline, or in a hybrid model, adaptable events, prioritize safety, and emphasis on meaning are likely to become the norm.

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