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Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand

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From set-up to clean-up

Having an elite pool of talent, resources, and years of event management, we were able to cultivate a well-established name in the market, which is something we pride ourselves on.

we use more than just the latest and greatest equipment to make your event a success, we use years of experience to identify, predict and solve problems before they occur, to support you from beginning to end.

The creative team has experience creating extraordinary stand designs that exceed expectations. The team will work with you to develop stands that will help bring your story to life. Our aim is to deliver an outstanding exhibition that engages and wows!

Choosing the right stand for your business may seem hard, but it is definitely a positive experience. For everything to run smoothly, a plan and process must be created and followed.

Exhibition Timeline

The 6 steps process in making
your exhibition stand a success

The brief

A great design always starts with a great briefing. We define your vision, mission and goals. In every detail, our designers visualise the concept of the stand that catches your audience’s attention.


our creative team works closely with you to understand your vision and scope. Based on your brief, our designers create story-driven designs that arouse emotions and provide an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.


Our production team oversees all projects with tight schedules and fast delivery plans. Our team ensures a smooth transition and the highest quality standards to guarantee a seamless transition into the build-up.


Vehicles will be arranged to bring the stand to the venue and will comply with safety regulations to ensure that all materials are in excellent condition upon arrival. During construction, our in-house team of experienced specialists will set up a stand under the guidance of our experts.


After the exhibition, the stand will be dismantled with the same care as the construction.

Disposing & recycling

Our team follows the appropriate waste management protocol by Dubai Municipality, we follow the disposal and recycling guidelines of the material used.

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