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Expo 2020 Story

We have worked with some of the most high-profile government and private sector corporations across GCC, consistently building ourselves for bigger challenges. One of our recent projects for Expo 2020 is

Gulf Health Council

We created an exceptional exhibition stand which surpassed the client’s expectations.

Woman’s Day

Expo 2020, a global experience that brought together over 200 participants, including 190-plus countries as well as multilateral organizations, businesses, and educational establishments, showcased the UAE’s values of inclusion, mutual respect, innovation, and cooperation, and we are proud to have been a part of it with our exceptional exhibition display.

Children’s Day

Welkin hosted and organized a vibrant children’s day celebration with a variety of activities and gifts that made the kids enjoy with laughter.

Falcon Show

Welkin Events hosts the falcon show at Expo 2020. Visitors could see as falconers train these gorgeous birds to soar and swoop for lures.

GCC Galleria

The popular landmarks of all GCC was displayed for education purposes.

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