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A well-designed strategy to design a corporate event decor may inspire an emotional response from guests, resulting in a degree of engagement that is difficult to attain through any other marketing medium. Welkin Events, a corporate interior designing company in Dubai result in increased brand recognition and a higher proclivity to purchase your goods or service in the future.

On the other hand, a spectacular business event is not easy to pull off. It starts with meticulous planning and a strategy outlining precisely what you want to achieve and how the event experience will provide commercial value.

Businesses must devote time to refining their ideas and aspirations into a complete brief that serves as the framework for the entire event, from logistics to creative concepts. If they skip this step, there’s a good chance the event will be a waste of time and money. This is why they need the guidance of the best corporate interior design company in Dubai.

However, with a well-defined strategy in place, your company can create an event or display that wows while simultaneously conveying the proper message and producing actual ROI and ROO.

In this article, as one of the best corporate interior designing company in Dubai we’ll look at all of the factors that contribute to a successful corporate event strategy, such as goal formulation, crafting a brief, design, and assessing success — advice based on our years of planning and executing corporate events.

Purpose for interior designing:

A purpose and a cause for existence are required for an event to be successful. Without first identifying the “reason,” there is a risk that the event will be meaningless and the client will not receive a return on their investment.

As a result, we must assist customers in defining their strategy before generating their creative metrics for monitoring their performance.  This is where a professional corporate interior designing company in Dubai  can come handy.

Brand awareness:

Events are an excellent approach to raising brand recognition. Before, during, and after the event, the aim is to maximize brand presence and consistency.

Businesses should market their brand’s stand or event sponsorship prior to the event. At the event, all aspects of their stand, including staff uniforms, signage, and marketing collateral, should be consistent with their brand.

Giving out presents, holding a competition, or getting delegates to sign up for a post-event newsletter are all effective ways to increase awareness by extending the event experience. If you are not aware about how to do it in a right way choose the best corporate interior designing company in Dubai.

Product launch:

A good launch event should concentrate on three things: giving information, presenting a product or service, and enticing delegates to learn more.

The mechanics of the product demonstration will vary depending on the product or service on offer, but in the appropriate context, events can provide delegates with a concrete method to experience the product while also creating a real buzz around the launch.

While the event serves as a launchpad for product awareness, it must be part of an integrated marketing plan that includes content, public relations, paid media, and other elements. Welkin events, is one of the best corporate interior designing company in Dubai who can help you with it.

While each event is unique, all successful events have a well-defined aim.

Briefing for interior designing:

A thorough, well-articulated brief is essential for the success of your event.

It serves as the foundation for the event, including everything from the artistic concept to the technical details of how everything will come together on the day.

Normally, businesses may be unfamiliar with the process, therefore before each event, Welkin Events conducts a thorough briefing. This serves as the foundation for a collaborative relationship.

Each brief must address three areas of event delivery: strategic, functional, and operational.


Realistic aspects are those that establish the parameters of the event and aid in the alignment of the creative with the practicalities of delivery.

These will be as follows:

Technical and commercial constraints:

The creative concept for the event must take into account technological and business constraints. The most evident is the event’s technicalities – for example, what is the nature and size of the venue?

Business restrictions may include the availability of critical personnel or your operating hours.

Don’ts and Dos:

Surprising things happen all the time. Suppliers may fail you on the day, guest speakers may become ill with the flu, or local transportation workers may go on strike.

However, if you have a sound strategy in place, you can avoid making stupid mistakes and ensure you’re ready for practically any situation. Get in touch with Welkin Events, a corporate interior designing company in Dubai who can develope a right strategy for you.


Every exhibitor intends to deliver an engaging experience for attendees, so how will you stand out and do something genuinely memorable?

Even before the event, the first step is to identify your audience and personalize your product accordingly. Consider sending personalized invites based on an attendee’s previous contacts with your business; consider how you can make your presence on-site more dynamic.

Following up after the event:

Your attempts to engage delegates should not end after the event concludes.

With a post-event survey, use your mailing list to get fast feedback. Which aspects did they find the most enjoyable? What do they want to know more about?

Recounting the event on social media and in newsletters keeps the narrative alive and promotes brand awareness in the weeks and months following the event.

How should your event decor be planned by Corporate Interior Designing Company in Dubai?

First and first, always begin with the budget. You cannot begin arranging the overall aesthetic of your event unless you know how much money you have set aside for décor. After you’ve determined your budget, I recommend drawing a blueprint of the event area to scale. All of the feature stations, such as registration, drinks, buffets, and the stage, will be highlighted in this floor plan. To accurately depict the size and space you’re dealing with, make sure these elements are drawn to scale.

You should begin your event décor approach with the most significant and costly parts and work your way down to the finer touches. I recommend starting with lighting because it can make or break your design. Consider the importance of lighting and how it may provide texture and depth to the environment.

Next, consider whether you have the budget for large installations such as hanging décor above the feature stations. Suspended décor is an excellent technique to draw attention away from unusually high ceilings and down to the highlight station. It is important to realize that hanging décor from the ceiling can be very expensive. Your installation idea may not be practical because of the additional costs of designing the installation, rigging, safety equipment, and security. Don’t be surprised if you skip this event decoration option. Contact Welkin Events, a corporate interior designing company in Dubai to help take care of your decor.

Some Decor Ideas from Welkin- A corporate interior designing company in Dubai:


Guests’ first impressions of the event will be formed at the entrance, so why not make a statement? We enjoy creating eye-catching entrances for events and beginning the guest experience with a spectacular design. Building an archway, making a concealed door, or swaging the curtain are all interesting ideas for your event entry. Remember that initial impressions last a lifetime.

Registration Area: 

A well-designed registration area is essential since this is where guests will orient themselves to the rest of the room. We recommend putting some themed décor in the registration area to assist people to connect with the atmosphere of the event. Add a sparkling wall or themed character actors to further greet people within the room. You should begin the guest experience by giving them a cause to explore the event.


Your buffets are frequently a gathering place for people to speak and catch up. As a result, making your buffet décor vibrant and memorable is always a fantastic idea. Consider alternatives to simply putting decorations on the tables for incorporating statement décor at the buffet. We like to draw emphasis to this area by dangling décor above it, as shown in the buffets below, which are distinguished by bespoke hanging chandeliers and crystal columns.

Food and beverage table:

Where do attendees spend most of their time at an event? That’s right, you guessed it: the food table! As a result, we like to use creative event décor to make the dining space stand out. Consider methods to improve the dining experience for your guests with décor, then go above and above to leave an impression.


When planners consider the stage, they frequently run out of money. But this is a big error. The stage, along with the dining area, is most likely the most visible station at your event. So, instead of the standard merely draped stage background, why not create a big statement with stage décor? Because your stage will be a focal point of the room for photography, why not make an impact with large-scale eye-catching statement décor?

Can you take the services of Welkin Events for a great decor strategy?

Absolutely! We enjoy creating magic for our clients, and one of our favourite aspects is a good décor strategy. For both in-person and virtual events, the visitor experience is more vital than ever. The décor plan for your in-person event will differ from that of your virtual event. People frequently forget or overlook adding a décor aspect to virtual events, which might detract from the guest experience.

We can help you build a powerful corporate event décor strategy that engages all of your attendees with our event management services. To accomplish this, you will need an experienced event expert with the knowledge and resources to think beyond the box. Let us be that resource for you!

Also check out our Welkin Marketing Website. We are a one stop destination for all your digital related services. We not just do events, we take care of the events digital aspects too to make your events successful in all possible ways.

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