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Welkin events is one of the best event management and entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi. We use our leadership and communication skills to ensure your event amazes and inspires. We have extensive experience producing and managing large-scale shows in high-pressure environments. We work with a strong desire to create unforgettable event and entertainment experiences. One of the top-rated event and entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi with the most inventory ranging from venues to catering, equipment, and services.


We all know that no two shows are identical. That is why we take pride in our adaptability and willingness to go the extra mile. We are the leading event and entertainment management companies in Abu Dhabi so we want to make sure that our clients get the help, guidance, and service they deserve. That means abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach and tailoring your experience to your specific needs and desires. From talent management to live show photography and videography, as professional entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi our Show Services cover every aspect of the production process. We have a team of trusted professionals at every stage of the process who understand what it means to work to the highest standards and always deliver the goods for our clients. 


How we work 


From international conferences to gala dinners, we produce dynamic, engaging, and downright incredible entertainment of all sizes and shapes. Complete show production from page to stage.


We provide a complete show production service, beginning with pre-planning meetings and ending with getting and debriefing, relieving you of all pressure and responsibility and allowing you to fully enjoy the proceedings while we take care of business. Welkin entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi have experienced team worked on some of the most high-profile events in the Middle East.


We’ve established ourselves as the region’s go-to show producers by working in a high-pressure environment and responding quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We work on any event with our expert show producer and production team, no matter how large or small. We know how to make sure your needs are met and your show hits the mark, whether you’re planning an opening ceremony that will set the tone for a fantastic festival or want to wow with a glitzy gala dinner. We will collaborate with our in-house creative team to choreograph your show exactly how you want it.


Making a show that works for you and impresses your audience


Creating a show that works for you while also impressing your audience While you can always hire just one of our show producers to help with your event, we work best as a team planning and providing the entire show. To ensure that your event benefits from relevant expertise from concept to opening night, we’ll create a bespoke group just for you, drawing on our extensive and highly-talented network of industry professionals ranging from producers, creatives, and stage management, and on-stage talent. We are your one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. 


Best ideas


Our years of experience enable us to think beyond the obvious, allowing us to discover and share international discoveries and industry knowledge with you. We tailor each event to the requirements, needs, location, and people involved. The result will be one-of-a-kind and extraordinary. For your desired event, our professional insight provides a powerful strategic approach with creative and innovative ideas. We use our professional experiences to bring creative and innovative ideas to life for the best event experience you’ve ever witnessed. 


You are a part of the process at every stage


We make certain that you have complete control over your Whether you want to integrate one of our teams into your existing production group or entrust us with the management of the entire entertainment extravaganza, as the best entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi, we’re here to help you as much or as little as you need. Let us express to you some of the services we provide. 


Stage management 


The performance is much more than what the audience sees on stage. Behind the scenes, there’s a whole team of talented people who help the performers or speakers and provide professional logistical support to bring the show to life. The Stage Manager is in charge of this group. 

The Welkin is one of the best entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi, with a team comprised of some of the best However, it is as a group that we truly shine. We pull off the most difficult band turnarounds, near-impossible set changes, and intricate events with an unspoken understanding that only exists when you trust colleagues to do their job to the highest of standards. Individual stage managers or show callers can also be provided to help organize, guide, and improve your event with the best on-call staff.


Creative solutions


Taking an event from the document to the moment requires talent, dedication, and industry knowledge. Realizing your vision necessitates the best in the industry. Bringing a concept to life requires considerable skill and experience, especially when time is of the essence. We’ve built a trusted network and other creatives over many years of producing shows and events, all of whom understand and appreciate the welkin approach. Welkin collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life. Having contributed creative ideas to many high-profile events in Abu Dhabi. We have extensive experience working on large-scale projects. At the same time, we’re used to providing creative services for shows with tighter financial constraints.




Our qualified engineers custom design the stage as per the event requirements and produce any structure, from conference backdrops to award show set design, using our in-house carpentry division.


Visual Arts


It doesn’t matter if it’s a small conference room or a large convention center. With the region’s event technology constantly evolving, welkin is one of the best entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi for all of your audio-visual needs.


Majestic view


Welkin’s expert team can transform your show from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. When the scenery is designed and crafted to complement and enhance the aesthetics, themes, and feel of your show. To know about our service visit the welkin events website and learn more about us. 


After going through some of our services lets us take a look at how we work on different types of events. 




The success of conferences and corporate shows is dependent on all of the various elements working together as a single, well-engineered machine. Welkin is in charge of putting these pieces together. We use our expertise to set the components in motion and then supervise, manage, and guide the event to a successful conclusion. We can provide everything and everyone you need, whether you need a conference producer to oversee the proceedings from concept to delivery, a show caller who is used to dealing with pressure, or a stage manager to run the day. Welkin Entertainment Companies in Abu Dhabi has a wealth of experience in planning and delivering shows for corporate clients in Abu Dhabi.



Festivals are joyful events that showcase top local and international talent and draw large crowds of like-minded people. It’s an opportunity to let loose, celebrate good company, and watch the world’s best musicians, bands, and performers perform. Festivals present logistical challenges for organizers and those working behind the scenes. Welkin loves nothing more than rising to the occasion and providing the backstage crew and on-stage talent required to produce a festival that will live long in the memories of all those involved. Our team has collaborated with high-profile clients and artists to provide countless party fans with an unforgettable experience.


Fun atmosphere 


The atmosphere and environment make a festival stand out. While our talent booking, artist liaison, and stage management teams ensure that your main event exceeds expectations, we also organize site-wide roaming entertainment, assisting you in creating that buzzing, big-event feel that festival-goers love. 


Weddings and engagements


A wedding is one of the most important days in the lives of any couple. There are numerous items that must be planned out in an orderly fashion, ranging from engagement photos to creating checklists, selecting vendors, and selecting your wedding party.


Planning your own wedding can be overwhelming and stressful at times, but we will make the process easy, enjoyable, and unforgettable.


Family meets 


It’s all about getting kids of all ages involved in family-friendly shows. That is why we strive to provide a diverse range of children’s entertainment options. We approach every show with the same level of commitment, professionalism, passion, and expertise, whether it’s a small celebration for family and friends or a large-scale, city-wide festival.


Welkin Events engages the entire family


Our family entertainment team can help you find pantomime performances for children, mind-blowing magicians, and illusionists, or FIFA freestylers and Mountain bike artists for teens. We enjoy creating interactive children’s shows with lots of singers, dancers, and costumed characters! We can modify traditional fairy-tale titles or create new ones from scratch. Whatever you want to see in a children’s show, whether educational or just for fun, we can make it happen. 


Sporting events and concerts


Concerts are insanely crowded, with thousands of fans clamoring to get inside the venue and enjoy the evening. We at welkin Events want to make it even more special by being present and providing the best-experienced staff to ensure that the crowd gets their way easily.


Product launch 


Your launch event should be as innovative and unique as your brand.


We take all of the elements that distinguish your product and transform them into a memorable event experience. It takes the right ingredients to create an unforgettable moment. We believe that a stunning event results from the perfect combination of people and products. So, when it comes to transforming your brand into an experience, everything you need is right here.




Welkin events are one of the best entertainment companies in Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to collaborate with the client to ensure the success of each event by providing our expertise in providing the right staff, on-site management, and event production all under one roof. Our dynamic team is here to help you create extraordinary experiences, offering as much or as little assistance as you require. For your desired event, our professional insight provides a powerful strategic approach with creative and innovative ideas.We use our professional experiences to bring creative and innovative ideas to life for the best event and entertainment experience you’ve ever seen.  We also support our clients with Digital Marketing solutions. Check out our Welkin Marketing website for more details.

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