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“You live in the moment; we help you remember it.”

Welkin Events is one of the best event management & entertainment companies in Dubai company. We’re storytellers who believe in leaving a lasting impression rather than just staging a one-time event. Perhaps this explains our long-standing alliances. Local and international events, product launches, conferences, brand activations, major public events, concerts, weddings, social gatherings, galas & fundraisers, exhibitions, and custom experiences are among our specializations.

We strategize, brainstorm, design, build, and implement!


One Of The Best Entertainment Companies in Dubai




Winning people’s hearts and forming long-lasting connections via exceptional hospitality steeped in the Welkin philosophies. Something we don’t have to work hard for because it’s ingrained in our team’s vision.




Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai are recognized for the stunning visual arrangements that complement the event’s overall concept. We constantly go above and above when it comes to putting together the best possible combinations for visual pleasure. Our arrangements are distinguished by our story-driven style, which takes the audience on a trip while subtly accentuating the overall elements of the theme.




Rather than relying on our partners to initiate, we take the initiative and propose options to them. Once we have the direction, we get to work on identifying extraordinary performers who will bring the event to life. Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai collaborate with a number of local and worldwide talent sources. Our awareness of our client’s individual requirements offers us an advantage.




Welkin collaborates with a variety of catering experts who are well-known for not only preparing delicious delicacies but also for their skill in creatively presenting the food to provide the audience with a memorable experience.




To meet all of our client’s staffing needs, Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai manage a large portfolio of Hostesses, Ushers, Supervisors, Promoters, and Brand Ambassadors. The talent is hand-picked following a thorough examination of the event’s requirements in order to present the most qualified candidates. Prior to the event, participants will receive a detailed briefing and training session to help them understand the consumer journey and deliver the best possible service on the ground.




Not only do we offer practical gift alternatives that have been carefully researched by industry experts, but we also offer bespoke solutions for creating unique goods that are not accessible anywhere else. Our custom packaging adds to the allure of the presentation, making it a one-of-a-kind collectable that leaves a lasting imprint on the minds of the audience, making them feel especially special.




Welkin’s credo is to leave a long-lasting impression on our audience. We achieve this by giving them an ‘Experience’ to enjoy and remember. To develop these experiences, we go to great lengths to plan and strategize every component of the campaign, making sure to check all the boxes for an inspiring consumer trip with every detail meticulously prepared and rehearsed.




Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai create activities that are not only entertaining but also reflect our brand’s values. This is accomplished through research and insights gleaned through researching the brand’s dynamics. This makes it easier for us to get across the main point we want to send to our audience.


Ideas for Event Entertainment:


The quality of your event entertainment can make or break the success of your event. It is important to have everything correct, from the main act to smaller parts and interactions.

The grand show is event entertainment. Throughout your event, you can interact and appeal to your audience in a variety of ways, but the main event entertainment is designed to awe and impress like nothing else.


The entertainment of an event should be geared toward the audience. You want to give them something they’ll appreciate while also surprising them. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Super Bowl Halftime Show, so while we have a lot of great entertainment ideas in this post, Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai made sure to include something for every budget and audience’s taste.


Virtual Reality Game Experiences:


The advent of virtual reality has paved the way for a multitude of gamification possibilities in a small space. As you can see, using a virtual reality headset and controllers can transport participants into a virtual world that is logistically impossible to achieve at your site. It’s also incredibly flexible, so you could use event-specific concepts to achieve your objectives in an entertaining way.


Wall Climbing:


Hire a mobile climbing wall for an exciting challenge for people who want an adrenaline rush! Perfect for establishing a competitive edge, teamwork, and bonding. Those who are terrified of heights can also try a few steps or climb to the top.


Shuttle Service for VIPs:


With choices like this magnificent VIP shuttle service, you can encourage sustainable carpooling without sacrificing comfort and style. This allows event attendees to continue the fun and games on the road without separating the group into individual cars and is ideal for event transitions with funky LED lights to keep the event vibes exciting throughout the ride.


Inflatable Games:


Inflatable games and activities, such as this bungee cord game, will bring out the inner child in your visitors. For added competition, try setting up inflatable obstacle courses and pitting teams against each other.


Props for Selfies:


Make sure there are plenty of photo opportunities at your event so that they may be shared on social media. Create a backdrop area and corner of your event for collecting memories, or use large selfie props to make the images memorable and stand out.


Personalized Coloring:


Colouring books are all the trend right now, especially as swag ideas, but you can also turn them into a fun group activity. Encourage visitors to colour on a giant colouring book canvas with a picture that reflects your event’s brand throughout the event. Post the finished output to your social media accounts and your website.


Matching Step and Repeat:


Create an illusion by extending the backdrop onto the carpet to make your step and repeat more intriguing! It creates a terrific VIP greeting and photo opportunity as well as a great first impression when people arrive. Carpets, especially those used in hotels and venues, may easily incorporate event colour schemes and themes with little work and no permanent fixtures.


Digital Forest:


Using digital screens in your venue can help to change and add appeal to any room. However, this is a fascinating, attention-getting concept that creates a fantastic first impression from the street. This sets the tone from the start and creates excitement as guests enter. Unexpected elements like these stick out in the mind.


Ideas for Corporate Event Entertainment:


You want your corporate event entertainment to be interesting but not controversial, and it should appeal to a wide range of preferences. Because these activities are frequently conducted indoors, you may have some restrictions to consider. Contact Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai for assistance.


Magicians with iPads:


Ipad magicians provide cutting-edge magic shows for business audiences that include the newest iPad technologies and performance skills (as well as humour!). They can include items, slogans, and logos, as shown in this video. This is unquestionably a talking point.


Drumming Display:


Corporate drumming groups cater to corporate clients and can add to the theme of your event. Specialist groups can use things such as recycled materials, ladders, and machinery to do their tasks. Drumming shows are impressive because they are fast-paced, high-energy, and loud!


Laser Magicians:


Corporate entertainment is currently dominated by LED and laser shows. These important corporate events can even have logos that interact with the audience.




Walking and conversing Robots are ideal for corporate events such as trade shows, exhibits, and conventions, as well as for meeting and greeting guests. Robots are even being used to mix beverages at some events.


Visual and Dance Performances:


Video mapping dance ensembles have been a great attraction at business events so far this year. As people and computers interact, new technologies have enabled performers to take their dance and visual shows to new heights. These acts can include custom music and graphics, as well as corporate logos and messages.


Sand Artists:


Since Ukraine’s Got Talent featured a female sand artist who went viral on the internet, sand artists have become increasingly popular at business events. For a range of corporate events, these creative artists will execute personalized sand animations. These displays have a strong wow effect, ensuring that your event will be remembered!


Birdcage Entertainment:


Birdcage entertainers are great for corporate events, especially if you don’t have the time or space for a large-scale show. Whatever the performers do inside the “birdcage” raises literally the bar for your amusement.


Attendee Hall of Fame: 


Attendee photo galleries provide engaging entertainment in areas where people are waiting or networking. You can utilize real business photos that transform into funny ones in front of your eyes, or you can use projection mapping to change the images so that their focus follows guests as they go by.


In a nutshell:


Welkin event management & entertainment companies in Dubai  is an event management company dedicated to offering a diverse range of event management services for both corporate and personal events. Whether it’s live shows, celebrity appearances, entertainment events, star nights, product launches, theme parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, fashion presentations, dancing performances, photography, and more, there’s something for everyone. With years of experience in event management, our experienced and skilled event planners have the knowledge to make your event even more amazing. For 100% client pleasure, we give out-of-the-box and original concepts.


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