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“Bringing the Middle East’s entertainment sector back to life.”


Welkin Events is a one-stop destination for entertainment for all types and sizes of events. We have created a trustworthy and competent staff with years of experience operating in the Gulf region who bring professionalism and showmanship in equal measure. Welkin events is one of the leading entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia, we venture with an aim to carve its niche by sourcing and managing artists across the globe, welkin events’ primary focus is to provide distinguished and remarkable services to the clients we partner with. 


We do whatever it takes to make your production extraordinary, thanks to our broad network of artists and experts. Welkin stands apart from the crowd because of its desire to go the extra mile. From design to curtain-up, we go above and beyond to ensure that every show generates rousing applause, bringing knowledge, excellence, and energy.


Advantages of hiring an entertainment company for your events 


If you are planning an entertainment event in Saudi Arabia, A lot of work goes into hosting a perfect event. From appropriate lighting to a comfortable and spacious venue, everything needs to be in proper order. Often people resort to making all those arrangements by themselves thinking they will save some money in the process.


From arranging equipment to performance planning, you need to contact multiple agencies, artists, and catering companies, and amalgamate them together to ensure a smooth event. However, it may look like an easy task for people who thrive on their networks; which is why you should hire entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia to help you out.


We excel in providing entertainment solutions to various kinds of events, shows, and occasions. welkin events have years of experience in the field to make your every association a memorable experience by infecting it with an energy that’s true to its name. let us give you the reasons for hiring an entertainment company.




An entertainment company will work with a flat fee for services, so the more items you rent through one company, the bigger the discount you can receive when renting multiple items. There are a number of entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia to choose from. But choosing the right entertainment company in Saudi Arabia like welkin for your event is the best option for saving your time and money.


Robust execution 


The innumerable details, including the venue, catering, marketing, and different others can bamboozle you. You will waste enough of your time just figuring out the best suppliers. You will have to contact each of them and check what they have to offer. at welkin events professionals entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia knows it all and can manage every aspect of your event in a much better way; thereby saving enough of your time and effort. 


A multitude of Performance Options:


If you are planning for events in Saudi Arabia, Entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia have a multitude of performances at their disposal. They have tie-ups with professional artists who have been working with them for a long time. From arranging a fire dancer for special events to singing performances for corporate events. Welkin, entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia provide it with all. You don’t have to go looking for individual services to organize your event. Just give us a call and our professional will take care of your occasion.


Best venue and supplies:


You may not have access to extremely expensive venues to certain unique places that you might not be aware of. But hiring a professional entertainment company in Saudi Arabia like welkin will help you find places that you are looking for because we are very well familiar with every place. We will give you a plethora of options to choose from. And our experts will suggest you the best venues for your event after discussing your budget and goals. Along with the venue, our professionals will also help you get the best items and supplies for your event.


Accessories and Versatility:


The event must be something that will be talked about later in glowing terms. Rather than risk making a rookie mistake, having professionals involved who have experience is the better option.

At welkin events one of the best entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia. we have the sound equipment and lighting needed to make any event an extravaganza. we also suggest ideas that have been proven successful and can really add life to the affair. We have handled hundreds of events for all types of organizations. Our staff knows what will work well and what won’t work at all. That is extremely important to assure the success of a fundraiser or awards ceremony. 


Having backups:


You have planned a concert in Saudi Not that we wish but, what if something goes wrong during the event? Do you have any backup? Welkin events have that covered for you. We are always ready with backup systems as they are experienced campaigners when it comes to dealing with event catastrophes.


Our expert event managers are responsible for the smooth commencement and finish of the event. Entertainment companies ensure quick replacements of equipment and do not allow any hindrance in the functioning of your event.


Opening Ceremony:


The tone for the rest of the event is set by your opening ceremony. A successful launch show can be the perfect first step in getting the ball rolling and building the unstoppable momentum your project requires to reach its full potential. The pressure to put on a flawless opening ceremony is immense. The presence of high-profile guests, investors, and the media puts you and your staff in the spotlight, ensuring that even a minor blunder can become front-page news. If you get it right, though, the entire globe will be watching as you announce the successful completion of your company’s latest project.


Family Events:


It’s all about getting kids of all ages interested in family-friendly shows. That’s why we make sure we have a diverse selection of children’s entertainment options. Our family entertainment specialists can help you find over-the-top, laugh-out-loud pantomime performances for kids, mind-blowing magicians and illusionists for adults, or world-class football freestylers and BMX artists for teenagers.


We love putting on interactive kids’ shows with lots of singers, dancers, and costume characters! Traditional fairy-tale titles can be adapted, or new twists can be added. Whatever you want to see in a children’s program, whether it’s instructional or just for fun, we can make it happen.


Gala Dinners: 


Gala dinners are all about the glitz, glam, and making a good first impression. It’s your chance to wow your guests and throw the year’s most talked-about social event. Welkin’s experience providing entertainment for gala dinners hosted by royalty, celebrities, and business leaders means we know what it takes to impress, delight, and leave a lasting impression.


We know how to put on a show that makes people eagerly anticipate your next social gathering. We put together gala dinner entertainment that puts you at the top of the must-buy ticket list and ensures that your evening becomes a social highlight.


Final Thoughts:


You might not find managing an event a big enough deal to invest in an entertainment company, but, believe us, it is a time-consuming, costly, and hectic task. The occasion is meant to be a lot of fun. Having Welkin events take care of everything allows you the opportunity to enjoy what is going on. A relaxed atmosphere with the right kind of entertainment is an excellent advertisement for any organization. Getting the right help from an entertainment company can guarantee everything will be a huge success.


Why choose welkin events among other entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia ?


We are a creative collective of passionate visionaries driven by the success of our customers. It’s what drives our culture, our values, and our growth. Our enthusiastic, energetic team of event planners is ready to demonstrate their expertise in showcasing your brand with precision and style – whether it’s a live event or a virtual one.


Whether your event challenge is big or small, internal or external, our approach always starts with the end in mind. We get to know your audience and the action you want them to take. Our expertise takes in this knowledge and considers it in everything we do to plan, execute and manage a stunningly successful event that stays memorable. 


Our experience :


Welkin events are one of the best entertainment companies in Saudi Arabia with more than 7 years of experience in the market we are committed to providing a wide range of event management services for both corporate and personal events. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s live shows, celebrity appearances, entertainment events, Product Launch, Corporate Awards, Cultural Corporate Events, Mall Activation, Family Events,  Brand Activations, star nights, theme parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, fashion shows, dancing performances, photography, and more. Our experienced and skilled event planners know to make your event even more spectacular. We provide out-of-the-box and unique concepts to ensure complete client satisfaction.


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