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One of the top event management companies in Riyadh.




It takes time to create good things. It takes a lot more than that to build a group of enthusiastic professionals with a unique personal touch. We plan and organize events of all sizes. We’ve managed everything from small business meetings to multi-day conferences.


Our vision is to consistently provide excellent services that exceed our client’s expectations by providing incredible packages for different types of events that provide you with excellent solutions to make your event successful.


Our remarkable events leave everyone wondering, How did we do that?


Special events begin with unique ideas and unforgettable occasions require the most meticulous planning. We have the skills and knowledge to ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to end, no matter how complicated or enormous it is.


We’re here to make sure your conference runs smoothly and efficiently.


Event Management Companies in Riyadh


Connect. Collabrate. Ramp Up.


We don’t just plan corporate events for the sake of putting on a good show; we analyze your company’s mission and use it as a focal point throughout the event.


Our tech-based solutions and integrations, such as AI, VR, Virtual dynamic stages, and live branded content streaming, bring our events to life, allowing each participant to have a unique experience. Welkin Events, one of the top event management companies in Riyadh, focuses on creating incredible and wonderful events while paying close attention to the smallest details to ensure that our clients have a flawless event management experience.




When it comes to designing welkin event management company in Riyadh is the best.


We are here to assist you boost the concept of your event by coming up with the ideal idea to dazzle your audience and producing a genuine memorable experience. We have endless innovative ideas for all purposes, producing top-notch entertainment and providing your audience with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.




Conferences provide an opportunity for specialists to share new information and discuss innovative ideas. Welkin event management feels that a guest’s experience is the most important factor to consider. Welkin is one of the leading event management companies in Riyadh has enormous experience and understanding in hosting events, taking into consideration the requirement for risk management, security, logistics, and travel arrangements.




We all know that inauguration carries a great deal of last-minute anxiety and stress. People often tend to miss out some important task and panic. That is why we step in and take full responsibility for organizing the opening event from the carpet setting till sending off we take of everything for you. When you have an inauguration to plan then look no further and get in touch with Welkin event management company in Riyadh.


Gala Banquets


Host amazing gala banquets for your clients or colleagues and gain the benefits of everlasting memories and relationships. Welkin event management company is experienced in planning themed dinners that consider cultural and social factors such as venue and facilities, as well as dietary requirements and following social customs. Allow Welkin to assist you in planning a spectacular evening with entertainment, décor, staffing, and AV assistance.




We combine branding ideas and 3D designs to present our clients a taste of how their product will appear and feel before it is created. Then, in order to match our clients’ corporate identity, we use the best quality materials and fabrics, as well as unique finishing. We even go above and beyond to ensure that manufacturing is completed correctly on the field.




After everything is set & ready, we will be on the set at the event coordinating & managing the work process. Our professionals are experts at problem-solving, quick thinking, and timely delivery. If any concerns develop, our crew is more than qualified to address and resolve them, ensuring a smooth experience for all of our clients.


Return Gifts


Gifts are a way to express gratitude to all of your acquaintances for their time and good wishes when they visit our event. We believe these gifts should be useful to the guests or customized. We handpick the return gifts with great care keeping your budget in mind. When it comes to gifting look no further and contact Welkin event management.


Event Management Companies in Riyadh


We are known to be one of the best event management companies in Riyadh for all your corporate gifting requirements.


Our checklist for a successful event:


Visual appeal: Aesthetics and image are important aspects to consider while planning an event. Attending an event isn’t worth the effort if the experience isn’t picture-worthy. We keep this in mind while choosing the location, décor, food, and beverages.


Social media marketing: Having a strong social media presence increases the appeal of an event. Running contests and campaigns on social media before, during, and after events to increase involvement. To build engagement for the event it is good to share snippets and teases on social media. Make sure you have a well-organized event page where people can invite their friends and expand the event’s reach. Because most people prefer to attend events that they are familiar with or can engage with online, live streaming events has proven to be effective in increasing brand recognition.


As one of the best event management companies in Riyadh we provide digital marketing solutions for our clients. Our dedicated team will take care of everything from creating content, designing, posting and running campaigns we take care of all the social media marketing to boost your business. All you have to do is just sit back and relax.


Networking opportunities: Networking is a way to grab people’s interest. Make the most of it by fostering interaction at your event. Facilitate activities in order to enhance the event’s overall experience.


Complete harmony


Nothing is left to chance since our team works beside you at every stage, directly getting involved. From the beginning of the strategy implementation process to the end goal of meeting your business objectives in a meaningful and exciting way, you can count on complete backing. Our full-service support entails assisting and guiding you in developing your brand as well as paying close attention to the execution and details.


With our weekly status meetings, we keep you informed at all times to ensure that everything goes according to plan and there are no unexpected surprises, giving you complete peace of mind to enjoy your event to the utmost.


What makes Welkin Events one of the eminent Event Management Companies in Riyadh?


From start to finish we take care of everything from corporate Events, Public Events, Brand Activation, Festivals, Exhibitions and much more.

Welkin Events is one of the top-rated Event Management companies in Riyadh. We guarantee to create exceptional events for your brand, keeping in mind the campaign objectives, budgets, and cultural environments, based on our successful track record. Contact us for a free consultation and discussion about your business goals and objectives, and our experts will explain how we can collaborate to achieve the highest ROI for your company. With over 8 years of marketing experience, we have integrated ourselves into our clients’ teams, become brand supervisors, precise planning, are actively responsive, and are constantly strengthening our extensive customer relationships.


As an events management company, we focus on creating meaningful moments by connecting customers with brands or products in multi-sensory surroundings that evoke positive, memorable experiences and good reputation in the eyes of our clients.


Event Management Companies in Riyadh

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