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For a sprinter to start his race correctly, he has to be set in his crouched position, so he does not tip over backwards when he starts accelerating.
Apply the same principle to you as an event planners, and it applies perfectly. You have to set your starting position perfectly before you begin the race to organizing the best event.

Event Planners in Dubai

This first thrust is called “Event Purpose”, and it requires special skills from any event especially in Dubai.

We have a two-parts article for you, which will provide you with some guidelines on how to pre-plan your event in Dubai, in laymen terms.

Let’s go through the main event purposes that you need to plan according to:


Raising awareness about your brand, corporation or services is one of the main concepts of events. As the competition is vigorous in a vibrant versatile market such as the shining emirate. You as an event planner in Dubai have to be aware of what your client is trying to raise awareness about.

If your client is a government entity, then you will find the guidelines more official and the messages clearer, for you to plan the event around them. The themes are to be designed according to the entity type. Environmental, healthcare, sports, tourism or the UAE National Day.

While if the event involves raising awareness about a company brand, then brainstorming sessions will be a necessity, to listen carefully to what the client wants so you can apply his vision, and get more creative to exceed their expectations. Do not rely on your general knowledge of the company’s field of work, you have to do the due research and study the client’s competitors.

And this is the 4 lanes road an event planner needs to take in Dubai:

  1. Listen to the client carefully
  2. Study the competition
  3. Apply the client’s vision
  4. Exceed the client’s expectation with creative ideas


Companies of all types love to celebrate their presence & achievements and your job as an event planner is to create the celebratory environment for them. If it is a gala type event, like a company’s annual gratitude party, or maybe an award ceremony, then an event planner has to be aware of how these types of celebrations are conducted in Dubai, and hone his teams’ creative skills to come up with an event night worthy of remembering.

You have to identify who is being celebrated, is it company employees, or businessmen who are worthy of awarding, or a company milestone worth commemorating with a big night.

Once you know that, you have to make your ideas suitable for the celebrated target, including choosing the suitable venue for the celebration type, and no event planner will have a hard time finding venues in such a lively city as Dubai.

Your first stride would go smoother if you consider the following aspects:

  1. The ceremony type & feel
  2. The celebrated target
  3. The number of attendees
  4. The venue theme
  5. The celebratory props


Dubai provides the perfect environment with endless opportunities for your business to put to use. And organizing an event in the sunny city for marketing purposes is always a sought-after choice to give any brand a presence boost and market products & services.

When it comes to the event organizer taking the handle to set up this type of events, it is of prime importance to define exactly what is your marketing approach.

The concepts, ideas & themes are infinite, and thus can present a challenge as you open up the endless marketing doors for your client.

So, to keep yourself from being distracted and thinking in all directions, we put here a list of things to consider so you can perform the first thrust successfully:

  1. KYC = Know Your Client. You have to grasp the client’s brand identity.
  2. Learn exactly what the client wants to market (Brand, Product, Service …etc.)
  3. Apply the due research before coming up with ideas.
  4. Prepare 3 concepts for each idea and then let client decide what fits his goals best.
  5. Only provide the concepts your event organizing company is capable of doing.
  6. Figure out from the start what can take less time in execution.
  7. Make sure the venue of choice can accommodate your planned concepts.


If a client’s main goal of asking you to organize their event is clear & limited to a launch of a new service, product, program, initiative or a mobile app, then your life would be easier when it comes to what the event focus revolves around.

However, you’ll discover the difficult part after the initial feeling of relief, once you find out how limiting 1 event focus could be, and how even harder it is to conceptualize an entire night around it.

And as we made it our job in this article to make your life as an event organizer easier, here are some simple steps to follow to solve the 1 point-of-focus dilemma:

  1. Think like a customer/client/user. As the launched new service has a wide target audience.
  2. Study the intricacies of the launched product and read all the resources you can find, especially the presentations/PDFs provided by the client.
  3. Try the product/service yourself if possible.
  4. If it is an initiative, watch some videos about the field it belongs to.
  5. Study the recently launched competition services to avoid imitation.
  6. Link the launched product to another earlier service provided by the same client

The world of events is a vast realm of ideas, and organizing an event is more an art than it is a science, so let the discussions continue..

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article as we continue to sail through the details of event planning. In the next part we will take a dive into positioning, defining the audience and why you should be a trend-setter.

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