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After our remarkable success in the United Arab Emirates, welkin events decided to expand to a new market which is considered one of the most competitive markets in exhibition companies in Saudi Arabia.


Welkin events provide a wide range of creative exhibition services. We are a one-stop-shop; In this article, we will go through our quality exhibition services and how we managed to cease our client’s trust.

Our exhibition stand services consist of 3 main categories:-

First, Art Production

The exhibition stand is your business gate to an unlimited world of opportunities; making the desired impact can result in potential clients.

Have you ever wondered what makes a good exhibition stand?

A good exhibition stand will make the visitors walk by curious about the value you’re delivering, which can be achieved through creative, catchy designs. After managing to attract the visitor next step is to ensure providing quality time that will make stand visitors feel like the time, they spent was informative as they gained or learned something new.

However, this process is challenging considering all the crowd is trying to deliver its best with our innovative exhibition stand services. Your show will glow.

We are a client-driven exhibition stand expert company with a creative portfolio that features our cutting-edge work in the United Arab Emirates; We believe that our client’s success is part of ours. Therefore, we have established an efficient planning system to achieve our services’ desired quality.

Exhibition Companies in Saudi Arabia

How do we manage to become one of the Best Event management companies in the United Arab Emirates?

  1. Simply by implementing our improved system, which focuses on user experience, making a design that attracts all types of visitors is not an easy job. Nevertheless, our workforce is about new trends, techniques, and materials.
  2. Listening and gathering all the possible information from our client is our first step to fully understanding the client’s business desires.
  3. Visual innovative designs are essential elements in attracting visitors; however, not every design can be converted into a reality, but our professional workforce can build your design in high quality while staying within limits.
  4. Continuous improvement is our secret as we go hand in hand with our clients listening to their expectations, feedback, and their achieved goals, which makes us gain tremendous experience in a short time.

After the immersive success in the United Arab Emirates, Welkin Events aspire to become one of the top exhibition companies in Saudi Arabia.

Second, Marketing and Visual Identity

Exhibition shows offer a perfect opportunity to market your brand, as your business will be featured and seen by a large group of investors and potential customers. Consider it free advertising.

Exhibition stands in Saudi Arabia

Exhibition stand strongly reflects your visual business identity; having a creative, appealing design will help build trust and develop relationships with people. We will be discussing this point in detail in the following category: Having a unique design, bold graphics, and astonishing content will capture visitors’ attention.

Giving attention to the following will increase your business success percentage:-

  1. Using convenient colors derived from your logo and business identity
  2. Sharing the purpose, core value, and company aesthetic to create a memorable image
  3. Effective use of eye-catching materials will shape an image in visitor’s minds
  4. Using social media platforms such as live-tweeting, Instagram stories, or live streaming.

Summing that up, a perfect exhibition stand is the largest chance to display your brand in front of many people.

Public Relations 

Many companies participate in annual events without knowing they can promote their public relations during those events. Welkin Events competent event management company will help take your business to the next step as its display solution is fully customized for your business goals and needs. Never underestimate the power of PR it can increase business awareness and enhance reputation making it easier to be accredited by individuals and companies, as many people still prefer the face-to-face interaction more than the online interactions.


Consider implementing the following steps and your business will be ready to enter your event.

  1. Know your rivals, ask the organizer for a list of confirmed exhibitors find about who they are what they sell and refine your strategy plan based on this information.
  2. Always search for the perfect spot, ensure to book your spot early, a good spot will work as an advertising company making your brand easy to be seen from anywhere.
  3. Strategic planning, its essential to have the desired return on investment made during the show there for developing communication objects will capture people`s attention.

Bottom line

Hiring a competent in exhibition companies in Saudi Arabia like welkin events will ensure maximum return on your valuable investment, as we will help define your business goals and promote its success which contributes in ours.

Exhibition Companies in Saudi Arabia

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