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We help them to leave a lasting impression on the customer’s mind. We know how to craft the best exhibition stand for your brand that will elevate your brand’s presence among your competitors.

 As a top exhibition stand builder in UAE, We strive to ensure that our deliverables are not only visually stunning but also have a solid base and construction to eliminate any possible anomalies during the event. We give our consultation expertise after listing to your requirements and guiding you in selecting the most innovative concepts and ideas that we generate for the finest trade show stand design.

Types of Exhibition Stands:

In a trade show or a corporate event, your exhibition stand is your opportunity to shine. With so many options out there, selecting the perfect exhibition setup matters the most. So if you are seeking an exhibition stand builder in UAE be certain by selecting the appropriate exhibition stand for your message and making your exhibition stand out. You can help you stay consistent and focused on a topic that will keep people engaged. People will remember the well-branded theme stand for a long time.

Shell Scheme Graphics:

Shell scheme graphics are enormous posters with your logo that fit within a shell scheme area. They are inexpensive and take up minimal room, making them ideal for a low-cost exposition display. Shell themes come in a variety of colours, finishes, and heights. The fascia’s colour and design may also be altered to reflect your brand standards. 

Pull-ups and Pop-up Displays:

At corporate events, exhibitions, conferences, and promotions, pop-up displays or media walls are quick and easy to set up. These pop-up media stands are available in five different sizes and with fabric patterns that can be adjusted. As a low-cost solution to exhibiting, you will often see exhibition stand builders in UAE use pull-up banners or pop-up displays within a shell scheme space. These types of displays leave you with a standalone graphic that you can position on your floor space.

Modular Stands:

A modular display is an exhibition stand that lets you connect various panels to create one-of-a-kind, graphically covered designs. They are reusable and partially adjustable, but their product display and audiovisual (AV) choices are limited. The end result is a huge display that is suited for your space.

Double-deck Stands:

Double Deck Exhibition Stands are the most effective approach to display your company’s portfolio. Your exhibition booth will stand out from the sea of single-story stands, and visitors to an exhibition will not perceive it as plain and predictable. For those who want to make a great impression on the visitors, the double-decker exhibition stands are the perfect solution. It will attract the attention of a large number of visitors. Stands of this class are notable not only for their sizes, but also for the original shape, architecture, floor, and design.

Welkin events, one of the top exhibition stand builders in UAE, designs custom exhibition stands that are perfectly aligned with the majesty of the brand’s message, reflecting the aesthetics and enhancing the brand’s magnetism among the clients. The total turnkey solutions we offer for the stunning exhibition booth design, incorporate the entire exhibition stall requirements. With the meticulous attention and flawless execution of each step, our team of creative wizards and other skilful technicians regulate the entire design system to provide your brand with ultimate recognition and success.

Benefits of Exhibition Stands:

You can invite more guests and engage them more effectively with the use of engaging and beautiful exhibition booths and stand designs. They will immediately connect with your brand if they build a sense of brand proximity. This also aids in your understanding of your target audience and their demands.

Represent Your Brand:

First and foremost, the main job of your exhibition stand is not only to stand out and catch the eye but to inform someone quickly and clearly what your company is all about. your stand should immediately communicate your message to anyone who glances at it.

Helps Generate Interest in your Product:

Now that you’ve communicated what your brand is all about, the next step is to engage your target audience. Assuming you’re at the right exhibition, you’ll be exposed to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of potential customers: the key is getting them to stop and engage. so having a right themed stand helps them generate interest in your products and get more audience. 

Shows What Makes You Unique:

Whether you are exhibiting for the first time as a newcomer to the sector or as a seasoned veteran, you should understand how to draw people to your stand with an engaging stand design. After all, people go to exhibitions to see what’s new; they want to be startled and astounded by things they don’t often see. Creating a unique stand for your product is what makes you draw more audience, by looking through the exhibition stand builders in UAE  you can choose wisely to make your exhibition space look unique and attractive amongst your competitors. 

How Exhibition Stands Help Your Business :

The first impression is important and your booth will help create a lasting impact to differentiate you from other exhibitors at various trade shows. Your exhibition stand will help you focus on the uniqueness that your brand offers.


Assist with the development and upkeep of your company’s image. Exhibit stands may help you create and strengthen your brand’s image in areas with a high concentration of consumers and distributors. They can assist you in increasing the appeal and market competitiveness of your product. Aids in the examination and determination of the local market’s demands. An exhibition can provide you with an excellent indication of your product’s economic viability. 

It Allows You to Tell Your Story:

Your story is much more than your company’s history; it is the perception of your brand and its products or services that your consumers or visitors have. Having a consistent exhibition stand appearance at different events allows you to deliver clear signals about your company and offers your visitors a thorough knowledge of your brand identity.

It Acts as a Brand Ambassador:

In addition to being a great marketing tool, a well-branded exhibition stand will put your company in the spotlight. At the many trade exhibitions you visit, your stand will establish your brand and create a consistent picture of your firm. Your exhibition stand will also enable you to rapidly tell your brand’s narrative.

It Supports your Sales Team:

Your exhibition stand will reinforce the presentation made by your sales representatives at trade shows by outlining your key messages and the benefits your company will bring to your visitors. The sales and marketing materials available in your exhibit booth will also reinforce the messages presented.

It Generates New Business Opportunities:

Exhibition booths assist you to attract new visitors, who may become potential clients or build new company relationships, in addition to aiding the prospect of new markets.

Exhibition Stand designers at welkins are experienced with a creative mindset and understand the importance of exhibiting and designing the actionable stand based on your brief, your target segment, goals, and marketing strategy. Moreover, our designer experts assist the clients with additional trade show booth design ideas that can help them achieve the maximum result. 

Welkin is the top exhibition stand builder in UAE. We have a team of professionals who can help you put up the perfect display. We will plan your exhibitions in a professional and cost-effective manner, helping you to create deeper client relationships. We have cutting-edge technology at our in-house workshops where we create the amazing display booth design, utilizing high-quality materials and the most up-to-date production processes and technology.


Being the leading exhibition stand builder in UAE and a meticulous solution provider, Detailing is the most important part. We consider every aspect before we build the stall. With our most reliable, broad and worldwide network, we deliver explicit and magnificent services to elevate the brand value of the organizations and determine it as an esteemed brand.

Our Exhibition stands all create a lasting impact, allowing your company to reach a larger audience. When you arrive at your event, you can count on Welkin our experienced managers to produce a completely functional and aesthetically stunning presentation. Call us for a free consultation, we will brief you about our customized stands.

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