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What is the significance of World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day is an important event that raises awareness of the incredible diversity of wildlife and marine life that exists today. With an increasing number of endangered and extinct species, it is vital to educate people on how we can help conserve the earth so that future generations can be provided for future generations!

Life on Earth:

The Saudi Falcons Club participated in celebrating World Wildlife Day at Expo 2020 Dubai on 3rd March 2022. This year’s event was organized by Welkin Events with the theme “Life on Earth.” 


Co-curated with the Arab States of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Kingdom of Bahrain Supreme Council for Environment, the Environment Public Authority – Kuwait, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Qatar, the Environment Authority, the Saudi Falcons Club, the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

The Falcon is the UAE's first bird.

Images of falcons can be seen everywhere in the United Arab Emirates, including the national flag, the faces of buildings, government-issued documents, and the nation’s currency.


Falcons are famous across the world for their hunting abilities, speed, and intelligence. The falcon is the UAE’s national bird, and it is seen as a powerful emblem of the country’s strength and tradition. The significance of the powerful bird extends back thousands of years, far before Islam arrived in the Middle East when early falconry demonstrated itself as a highly effective desert survival method. Because the early desert Bedouins subsisted on a modest diet of dates, milk, and bread, they quickly developed a special relationship with these extraordinary birds of prey in order to feed their families more efficiently.

Quick Learners:

The Arabs choose falcons for hunting for two key reasons. For starters, they can be trained with minimal effort. Second, falcons can be taught to bring prey to their masters without killing or eating any of them. The practice is essential for Muslims since all animals used for food must be alive when prepared for eating in order for the meat to be halal.

Falcons in style:

When you first see this majestic bird, you may notice it wearing a small leather hood known as an al baya. The hoods are an Arab contribution to falconry that the Crusaders brought to Europe, and they can be adorned with ornate stitching, beads, and even feathers. The headgear is less about fashion and more about being an important part of the bird’s training. It is used to relax the bird and to enable the falconer to form a deep bond with the bird.

Expo 2020 serves as a trampoline for new ideas for environmental preservation:

The primary goal of the day is to involve visitors in World Wildlife Day efforts to learn about the relevance of wildlife conservation and biodiversity to the long-term development of our planet. The aim of World Wildlife Day is to emphasize how preserving the planet’s biodiversity can benefit humans and also the importance of Falcons. It also urges governments to combat wildlife crime in their own territories and to stem the loss of flora and fauna as a result of activities such as deforestation.


Dubai supports living in peace with nature, safeguarding biodiversity, and preventing the extinction of our rapidly diminishing wildlife. The Saudi Falcon Club hopes to solidify the Kingdom’s leadership in the falcon sector by participating in this worldwide event hosted by the United Arab Emirates. It also aspires to promote important cultural and heritage hobbies, strengthen its position as a home for falcons and falconers, and convey this ancient heritage to visitors.

Biodiversity loss is an eternal threat to people and the planet:

The ongoing extinction of wildlife species affects entire ecosystems and endangers the well-being of people who rely on them. However, this is not unavoidable: humans have the ability to reverse course and restore imperilled species and habitats. With the theme “Life on Earth,” we hope to motivate people to take action in order to save key animal and plant species. We believe that World Wildlife Day will help pave the way for a more sustainable future, with the ultimate objective of living in harmony with nature. Ultimately, we aim to generate the necessary political will to implement a strong post-2020 Multinational Biodiversity Framework and protect our future.

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