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What Does Event Planning Look Like In 2022?

Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia is one of the best event management companies out there to look after all your events requirements. We’re already into 2022, yet it’s been tough to predict what will happen in the coming year. In the ‘new normal,’ we are adjusting to a post-pandemic environment. It is altering the way we work and interact with one another. We are entering a new universe — the metaverse. The future of events is significantly different as we adapt to this new environment. Event planners must be informed of emerging event trends.

Let’s take a look at some of these patterns and what the future holds for various event kinds.

In-person events are making a comeback:

According to the estimate, there is a high likelihood of in-person events returning in 2022: “67% of respondents predict in-person meeting levels will recover to pre-pandemic levels within one to two years.”

The large number of event professionals who have increased their event budget for 2022 further supports in-person event growth. Because of the anticipated comeback of in-person events, some event locations have limited or no availability for future events in 2022. Event locations, event employees, and a variety of other essential services will almost certainly be in great demand. It may be more difficult to secure the essential vendors and services. Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia is your one-stop destination for all your event requirements.

Venue owners or operations managers should check their booking and cancellation rules to ensure that they are completed but appropriately filling their calendars. Many venues will need to decide how much wiggle room they are ready to offer in 2022 in the case of COVID-related event cancellations. All event planning contracts should explicitly describe policies, revisions, and updates.

Popular event venues should be ready for a busy year by putting together a strong team of venue employees and employing event staff. We also propose developing a contingency plan to manage potential staffing shortages. If this is the hardest part for you then get in touch with Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia to take care of the events for you.

Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia

Increased demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable events:

Merchandisers, vendors, and suppliers all across the world are committing to more sustainable business methods and eco-friendly events. We’re also seeing a lot of support for a long-term transformation in the events business.

When organizing an event, Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia takes advantage of what currently exists. Repurpose spaces, items, and materials to be more innovative. Event professionals can also contribute to the creation of a circular economy by using goods that can be reused or recycled after an event, as well as by adding social value through contributions or by providing free courses and talks to community members.

Hybrid Events:

Even as the world gradually opens up, some of us are still hesitant to venture out. It’s safe to suggest that individuals would prefer the option of being remote and online or travelling in person. The new normal entails having both an in-person and a virtual audience. Event trends are currently g hybrid events! According to a survey, 57% of event organizers believe hybrid events will be the norm in the future. According to the same poll, 76.4% of respondents expected to host one or more hybrid events in 2022.

Here are a few of the advantages of hosting hybrid events:

  • Globalize your reach
  • Save money because you’re virtually inviting a global audience.
  • Organize environmentally friendly events.
  • Tracking was driven by access data.
  • Boost your event’s return on investment

There is some concern about this type of event. Because hybrid event management appears to be fairly complex. Do the virtual and real worlds intersect? Or do they occur at distinct times? The answer is that it might be either! Discover some important takeaways for hosting hybrid events. Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia provides three primary hybrid event solutions:

  1. Luminous

The physical event occurs at a venue, while the virtual event is streamed live at the same time. Social media and chat boxes are the only places where you can network and ask questions.

  1. logical order

The physical event occurs at a different time and location. The virtual event occurs at a different time and location. The agenda format, exhibitors, and so on remain unchanged.

  1. Complicated

Both physical and virtual events are taking place at the same time. There will be Q&A, matchmaking, workshop activities, and so on.

Checklist for a Successful Event Planning:

Set your event’s goals and objectives: Did you want to raise funds or increase awareness? How many people do you hope to see? Setting things up ahead of time will make it easy to assess the success of your event or you can get assistance from Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia.

Date: Choose a date that does not interfere with any other events taking place in your area or any important holidays.

Location: Determine the location and discuss the specifics. What kind of insurance is required by the venue? Can you provide alcoholic beverages? Before committing, determine the prerequisites.

Create an event master plan: Making sure every detail is ironed out can help ensure you don’t forget anything.

Obtain cost estimates: You should think about the following costs:

  • Renting a room
  • Food and drinks
  • Equipment
  • Fees for speakers
  • Staff Travel Insurance

Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia

Make a budget for the event: Based on the prices listed above, you’ll be able to estimate how much your event will cost – and whether any of them will need to be reduced!

Organize an event committee: This includes appointing an event manager and forming a sub-committee.

Make your event memorable: Begin by creating an event website or pages on your website that describe the event.

Create a logo and tagline for the event.

Create and implement a PR plan: This involves identifying staff and/or volunteers to handle certain responsibilities, such as media relations, VIP coordination, printed material design & printing coordination, signage, online /social media, and so on.

Speakers/presenters/entertainers should be identified and confirmed: Who will you require on-site during the event? Determine and contact potential sponsors/partners.

Determine whether you require event registration software to facilitate the process: There are numerous software solutions available to aid in the event planning process.

Determine whether you require additional event management software.

Release early-bird tickets.

Ensure that registration forms are easily accessible and that room is provided for preferred pronouns and preferred names.

Now that you’ve nailed down some of the fundamentals of your event, it’s time to get to work on the remainder. If your event is in a few months, you must begin communicating with all stakeholders outside your company and continue working with them. You should keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Create the necessary documentation for your team.
  • Liaison for speakers/presenters/entertainers:
  • Complete the presentation/speech topics
  • Obtain biographical details and a photograph
  • Travel and lodging arrangements
  • If necessary, have contracts signed.
  • Request that speakers begin marketing and sharing it with their networks.
  • Determine registration fees (financial/administrative).
  • Set up and make online registration available.
  • Determine the final sponsor levels and quantities.
  • Identify the things to be underwritten as well as the accounting tracking information.
  • Planning the venue and logistics:
  • Determine and organize all menu, A/V equipment, registration setup, parking, signs, and other elements.
  • Discuss the event’s security requirements and plans with the venue manager.
  • Examine the requirement for any specific permits, licenses, insurance, and so on.
  • Examine the accessibility requirements (e.g. all-gender restrooms, wheelchair accessibility, etc).
  • Inform employees about the accessibility requirements.

Best Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia

Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia takes care of all these hassles for you and organize them in a way to theme them successful.

Health and safety: Make sure you have all of the necessary permissions and licenses.

Notify the appropriate local authorities and agencies that the event is taking place, and set up multi-agency planning meetings for significant events.

Ascertain that enough insurance coverage is in place for the event.

What are the security precautions, bag checks, and so on?

Examine risk assessments, method statements, and insurance documentation provided by vendors, exhibitors, and entertainers, among others.

Determine any unique dangers.

What are the code phrases and protocols for dealing with crises like evacuation, fire, and suspicious packages, among others?

Is there a policy in place for lost children/vulnerable people?

Make a plan for contingencies.

Make an overall risk assessment for the event.

Distribute copies to the appropriate persons and locations.

Checklist for the Final Pre-Event:

Send out the final attendee list. Make a logistical checklist that includes all things, who is accountable for them, and where they need to go on site. Is anyone in need of any presents or tips? Check that all information, presentations from speakers, risk assessments, and confirmation of insurance from all providers have been returned.

Check that your event manager’s box contains all of the necessary items (es). Blue tack, screwdrivers, post-it notes, extra pens, extension leads, gaffa tape, and other items will be included. Share and print copies of any crucial papers that you will need.

Create a master running order as well as variations such as special supplier, staff, and Chair remarks, as weload-inoad in and load out. Finalize staff briefings and instructions.

As needed, assemble goodie bags, delegate folders, pamphlets, and giveaways.

Make your badges/place cards/table numbers. Signage in print. Load and transport all event goods and equipment. Make sure your master contact sheet includes all possible mobile phone numbers and contacts, and that everyone who could require it gets a copy. If possible, enter them into your phone. Make a courtesy call to all significant participants, especially speakers and performers. Send a final reminder to all attendees.

Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia

All this information can be overwhelming and can be difficult to manage by an individual that’s why you should hire Welkin Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia to take care of your events.

Event Management Company in Saudi Arabia


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